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Routes to CFP® Certification
There are three Routes to CFP Certification and FPSC Level 1® Certification in Financial Planning. All candidates must follow the Standard Route unless they hold relevant financial planning qualifications or other relevant professional qualifications that make them eligible for exemptions. 

Fast Track Your Path

If you hold Relevant Financial Planning Qualifications or Other Relevant Professional Qualifications, you may be eligible for exemptions from certain requirements for CFP certification and FPSC Level 1 Certification in Financial Planning. Check to see if you can go directly to one of the destinations below.


FPSC Level 1 Examination in Financial Planning

FPSC Level 1 Certificant in Financial Planning 

FPSC-Approved Capstone Course 


CFP Examination

Qualification Held

Fast Track Option


  • PFP                 
You may be eligible to apply directly to become an FPSC Level 1 Certificant in Financial Planning.

  • CPA
  • CFA
  • CLU
  • Fellow of the FCIA 
  • Lawyer
  • Quebec Notary
You may be exempt from an FPSC-Approved Core Curriculum education program and may apply to proceed directly to the FPSC Level 1 Examination in Financial Planning. 
And if you have a minimum of five years of qualifying financial planning work experience with clients, you may be eligible to proceed directly to an FPSC-Approved Capstone Course.  
  • Pl. Fin.
  • CFP credential from    
    an FPSB member  
You may be exempt from an FPSC-Approved  Core Curriculum education program, FPSC Level 1 Examination in Financial Planning and FPSC-Approved Capstone Course, and may apply to proceed directly to the CFP Examination.  writeexams

How to Submit Your Exemption Application

Please scan and email a completed version of the FPSC Exemption Application Form with your supporting documents to Alternatively, you may fax a completed version of this form with your supporting documents to 416.593.7412. Completed applications will take approximately 1-2 businesses days to be processed. You will be notified via email about the status of your application.

FPSC reserves the right to evaluate possible exemptions on a case-by-case basis.

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Our Job Board has a steady rotation of timely job postings for financial planners who are actively seeking CFP certification.

FPSC's Support Team is available to answer your questions as you travel the path to CFP certification. Contact Us to reach a dedicated support professional.

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