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Volunteer Opportunity: Public Policy Ambassador

Are you…

  • Politically engaged?
  • Concerned with consumer protection?
  • Eager to contribute to and help shape your profession?

 If this sounds like you, consider volunteering with FPSC as a Public Policy Ambassador.

About the Public Policy Ambassador Program

The Public Policy Ambassador program is a grassroots advocacy program engaging CFP® professionals across Canada to educate politicians about the importance of financial planning and the need to protect consumers by ensuring there are appropriate regulatory standards in place for those who call themselves “financial planners”. 

What to Expect

As a Public Policy Ambassador, you will: 

  • Promote the regulation of financial planning in the interest of consumers;
  • Arrange and hold in-person meetings with your MLA/MPP/MP;
  • Liaise and share information with them on an ongoing basis; 
  • Identify leads for FPSC staff to follow up on; and
  • Support FPSC’s policy and outreach activities in various other ways, as needed.

Benefits of Participating 

  • Contribute to consumer protection and legal recognition of the financial planning profession;
  • Learn more about FPSC’s policy and regulatory activities;
  • Receive recognition on the FPSC website and at FPSC events; and
  • Be eligible for up to five CE credits annually in the category of giving back. 

Eligibility Requirements

To volunteer for this opportunity, you must be a CFP professional in good standing.

Get Involved 

This is an ongoing volunteer opportunity. If you’re interested in learning more or getting involved, please email Devin Mataseje.