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A professional financial plan requires a professional financial planner.

Today in Canada, outside of Quebec, anyone can call themselves a financial planner. There is no regulation that restricts the use of this title. So how will your clients know that the person they've engaged to be their planner has the appropriate knowledge, skills and abilities to earn their trust? They will insist on finding someone who holds the CFP® designation.

Not only does a Certified Financial Planner® professional meet internationally recognized standards of knowledge, skills and abilities, they’re also obligated to follow a code of ethics that prescribes their professional duty to put their clients’ interests first.

To become a CFP professional, candidates must complete a rigorous education program, pass two national exams and have three years of qualifying work experience. And to remain certified they have to complete professional education courses every year and agree to adhere to the Standards of Professional Responsibility for CFP Professionals and FPSC Level 1® Certificants in Financial Planning.

CFP certification is the most widely recognized financial planning designation in Canada and worldwide. Don’t settle for less. 

Resources for Planners and Certificants