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FPSC Board of Directors

FPSC’s Board of Directors is accountable for the organization’s success. It is responsible for the organization’s purpose and mandate, for establishing the organization’s ends and for monitoring its achievement of those ends. It is also responsible to ensure the organization is governed appropriately.

Candidates for Board seats are recommended by the Board’s Board Development Committee (BDC), vetted by the Board of Directors and approved by the Members. Board members are volunteers who serve up to two three-year terms. The Board appoints a Chair from within its ranks each year.

The Board establishes Board policies and charges the CEO with the responsibility to conduct the organization’s operations within the parameters set by those policies set out by the Board. The Board has responsibility for ongoing monitoring and evaluation of the organization’s performance and that of the President & CEO, who is accountable for ensuring the business plan is implemented and executed within the prudent and ethical limitations established by the Board.

FPSC’s governance policies outline the dynamics of the Board’s relationship to staff and the Board’s delegation and monitoring responsibilities. The Board determines what authority it will hold and what authority it will delegate. The method of delegation is a formal, circular process that includes clear roles and accountabilities. First, the Board defines outcomes to be achieved. Next, the Board defines the boundaries of ethical and prudent operational behaviours and conditions in policy, which serve as the Presidential Constraints. Then the Board assigns these expectations (outcomes and boundaries as defined in policy) to the CEO and formally and rigorously monitors the CEO’s performance against those expectations. Learn more about the Board of Directors.

Committees and Panels

The Board appoints members to three standing Board committees and four independent panels to help carry out its responsibilities.Learn more about each Committee and Panel