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FPSC in the News

FPSC in the News

Some of the publications FPSC has appeared in include:

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November 2018

Cary List honoured with credentialing industry award

FPSC President and CEO Cary List recognized as an innovative leader.

Investment Executive
November 2018

All Canadians must have access to a financial planner

From Investment Executive: The majority of Canadians are missing out on the valuable insights of a professional financial planner and this significant gap needs to be addressed, says FPSC President and CEO Cary List.

Investment Executive
August 2018

Financial planning becomes critical

Firms are making a concerted effort to provide the necessary support and software advisors need, but issues remain

Investment Executive
September 2018

5 Common Financial Problems—Solved!

The bad news? Chances are, you’ll face at least one of these common financial problems in your lifetime. The good news? We’ve got expert solutions for all five!

Reader's Digest
September 2018

Strengthening financial planning standards

Trust between financial planners and their clients is essential — and professional standards provide the foundation for that trust

Investment Executive
July 2018

Redefining the value of financial planning

It’s time to change the way the financial services industry talks about financial planning.

Investment Executive
June 2018

Canadians weigh in on financial stress

Canadians’ largest source of stress is financial and that should be a call to action.

Inside Halton
June 2018

PlanPlus Canada 2018 Award Winners

Congratulations to the 3 CFP professionals who took home trophies in the 2018 PlanPlus Canada Financial Planning Awards.

PlanPlus Canada
June 2018

What are the key financial concerns on seniors’ minds?

Kelley Keehn and Credit Canada discuss seniors financial concens

CTV Edmonton
June 2018

5 ways we sabotage our finances

Young money podcast- Episode 36: Kelley Keehn and Bisset Financial Fitness

Bisset Financial Fitness Inc.
June 2018

Tots to Teens: Summer Job Paychecks

A teenager’s first paycheque is the perfect opportunity for parents to teach them about saving vs spending.

CTV Morning Live
June 2018

The consumer debt that goes 'poof' when you die

From CBC News: Debt is a growing concern for seniors, but a professional planner can help.

CBC News
June 2018

Women and investing: Getting started

From BNN Bloomberg: What's holding women back from investing and financial planning? Here’s what the research shows and tips and for getting started

BNN Bloomberg
June 2018

Seniors: Stressed about your finances?

One third of B.C. residents over age 60 are stressed about their finances. These tips can help.

CTV Morning Live Vancouver
June 2018

Seniors are worried about money issues

Fears about running out of money are top of mind for seniors, new research shows. Here’s where you can turn for help.

CTV Winnipeg
May 2018

Eight lessons from financial planners' asset-class guidelines

Key takeaways from this year’s Projection Assumption Guidelines, developed and updated annually by FPSC and IQPF.

Morningstar Canada
May 2018

Financial situation greatest stress for Canadians

Canadians weigh in on what makes them a bundle of nerves when it comes to personal finances.

POST Online Media
May 2018

Canadians rank money as greatest stress: survey

51% of respondents are embarrassed about lacking control over their financial situation―up from 44% in 2014.

Benefits Canada
May 2018

Doctor's orders: Speak to your financial advisor

A professional can help you gain clarity about your financial situation and what can be done to improve it, says a neuropsychologist.

Wealth Professional
May 2018

Canadians’ top financial regrets

Most Canadians have a financial regret that can be avoided by working with a pro.