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Filing a Complaint

Filing a Complaint with the Fairness Commissioner

The Fairness Commissioner will conduct an impartial and unbiased review of an FPSC decision process with no personal interest in the outcome of the investigation.

All complaints filed with the Fairness Commissioner must have first been directed to FPSC as follows:

Subject of Complaint Email Address

FPSC Level 1® Examination in Financial Planning

CFP® Examination

FPSC Level 1 Certification in Financial Planning program

New Certification


CFP professionals or 
FPSC Level 1 certificants

Continuing Education

Core Curriculum, Capstone Course or

Continuing Education Providers

All other complaints


For most complaints regarding FPSC actions, policies or procedures, the relevant supervisor will contact you after receipt of your email. This individual will assist in the complaint and will inform you of the path of escalation if the suggested resolution is not considered satisfactory. Only after that process has been followed can the complaint be submitted to the Fairness Commissioner for review.

To lodge a complaint with the Fairness Commissioner, you must demonstrate one of the following grounds:

  • Staff who conducted the review of the complaint had a conflict of interest
  • Appropriate procedures were not followed in the review
  • All of the available evidence was not considered
  • Staff interpretation of an existing policy or procedure was unfairly limited
  • Systemic unfairness exists in the policies or procedures themselves

Complaints for the FPSC Fairness Commissioner should be emailed to

Please note that complaints will not be accepted over the phone, although questions regarding process may be directed to the Management Representative for Quality at 416.593.8587 or 1.800.305.9886, ext. 223. A complaint to the Fairness Commissioner must be made within six months of receipt of the final decision from FPSC.

Upon receipt of a complaint, the Fairness Commissioner will acknowledge receipt and commence an investigation. The Fairness Commissioner will make every reasonable effort to arrive at a final recommendation within 60 days of the start of the investigation. However, as every case is unique, the time required for a full and fair review will vary.

Confidentiality and Consents

With the exception of disclosure of receipt of a complaint to FPSC, all complaints are kept confidential. The Commissioner can only investigate a complaint once all appropriate consents to the release of confidential information have been received from all relevant parties. Anonymous complaints will not be accepted by the Commissioner.


Recommendations of the Fairness Commissioner are not binding on either party.

Following the investigation of a complaint, the Commissioner will either recommend a resolution of the complaint or reject the complaint. Both the complainant and FPSC will be provided with a written copy of the Commissioner’s recommendation. The recommendation of the Commissioner represents the final level of appeal of your complaint. Although it is not binding for either party, FPSC will consider the Commissioner’s recommendation.