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Core Curriculum Educators

FPSC-Approved Core Curriculum

Enrolling in an FPSC-approved Core Curriculum program is the first step to obtaining Certified Financial Planner® certification or FPSC Level 1® Certification in Financial Planning. Core Curriculum programs are offered by institutions across Canada, both in person and online.

Become an FPSC-Approved Core Curriculum Provider

Educators wishing to be considered as Core Curriculum providers must demonstrate how their courses relate to the CFP Professional Competency Profile by providing course learning outcomes and a sampling of financial planning content and assessment items. This ensures a high focus on the practical nature of the competencies as the key driver of learning outcomes. Applications for approval of Core Curriculum courses must also adhere to the Educator Guidelines for FPSC-Approved Core Curriculum Courses.

To learn more about FPSC’s requirements and the application process, please contact Kelly Becken, Education Consultant.

For a list of current FPSC-Approved Core Curriculum providers, please visit the Directory of FPSC-approved Core Curriculum Providers.

Book a Classroom Visit

The CFP Professional Ambassadors Program offers students in Core Curriculum courses and at career recruitment and networking events a real world look at the career of a CFP professional. Trained, practicing CFP professionals visit classrooms and events across the country to discuss the day-to-day life of a CFP professional and offer a first-hand perspective on a career in financial planning. Get more information and arrange a visit from a CFP Professional Ambassador.