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CFP® Examination

CFP Examination

The CFP examination is a six hour exam consisting of a combination of multiple-choice (15%-25%) and constructed-response (75%-85%) questions. Each question on the CFP examination focuses on specific elements of the CFP Professional Competency Profile and may also require integration across several financial planning areas. The CFP examination is offered in English and is available in French upon request. You can request to write the exam in French in your online application form.


Important Dates



Sept 26 Exam Preparation Webinars
 Oct 1 Early bird registration closes
Last day to request an alternate exam location or testing accommodation
Oct 31 Exam registration closes
Last day to request a refund, postponement or change exam location
Nov 13 Last day to provide educational transcripts
Nov 30 CFP examination takes place at locations across Canada
Dec 14 Last day to notify FPSC of any change of address prior to release of exam results
Jan 17, 2019 Results released for the CFP examination



  Early Bird
(Discounted rate ends two months before exam sitting)

After Early Bird
(Registration closes one month before exam sitting)
Exam Registration 
& Practice Exam
$925 + tax  $1025 + tax
Exam Registration  $750 + tax  $850 + tax


Are you Eligible to Write the CFP Examination?

Standard Route to CFP Certification:

  • Timing: You must have successfully completed an FPSC-Approved Capstone course within the past four years.
  • Documentation: You’ll need an official transcript from your educational institution indicating your successful completion of all courses, but there is no need to submit your transcript until after you’ve registered for the exam. Please upload your transcript to your FPSC Portal no later than one month before the exam.
  • Rewrites: If you’re rewriting the exam, you don’t need to submit supporting documentation.

Fast Track with Relevant Qualifications:

  • Exemptions: If you hold the Pl. Fin. from Quebec or a CFP credential from an FPSB Member in another territory, you may qualify for exemption from an FPSC-Approved Capstone Course under Routes to CFP Certification.
  • Documentation: You’ll need a letter from your governing professional body confirming your qualifications and good standing, but there is no need to submit this until after you’ve registered for the exam. Please upload your letter to your FPSC Portal no later than one month before the exam. 

Exam Locations

You’ll be asked to select your preferred exam location city on the CFP examination application. FPSC will strive to accommodate your first selection of exam location, but in the event that seats are no longer available due to capacity limitations, your backup location will be assigned. In the rare event that your first and second choice locations are full, an alternate exam location will be proposed to you. To see a list of cities where the exam will take place, please refer to the Guide to FPSC Examinations

Preparing to Write the Exam

The CFP Examination Practice Exam is the ideal study tool to help ensure success in the exam. It lets you experience how the exam looks and feels as it provides feedback on your performance. Over 85% of respondents from the June 2017 CFP exam indicated that they felt better prepared to write the CFP exam as a result of purchasing the Practice Exam. Visit our FPSC Study Toolkit for the CFP Examination page for more tips and tools to get ready for the CFP examination.