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This is a qualifying example only and all work experience submissions are subject to approval. FPSC will look at your specific work experience, evaluating key responsibilities and day-to-day tasks within a role, to make a determination on its eligibility. Depending on the nature of responsibilities and their link to the CFP® Professional Competency Profile, FPSC may approve all or part of your work experience.

Example #1

Key Accountabilities

  • Teach a range of courses including Financial Management, Risk Management, Tax Planning and Investments to students in our Business Administration program(s) in the Faculty of Business
  • Ensure that program and course curricula are current, relevant and reflective of best practices within the relevant professional/program disciplines;
  • Define, evaluate and validate learning outcomes for courses and programs;
  • Creating an effective environment for learning which accommodates students' diverse cultural and educational backgrounds, experiences and individual learning styles;
  • Design appropriate strategies and tools for facilitating and assessing student learning that are invitational and reflective of best practices in teaching and learning;
  • Develop appropriate strategies and tools to assess student performance that are consistent with the learning outcomes of the course and address multiple learning styles;
  • Develop multi-media materials and alternative delivery strategies, and incorporate appropriate educational technologies into the learning process

Qualifications and Key Competencies

  • Master's degree (PhD preferred) in Finance or a related field of study, professional designation in related area of study is required;
  • Formal studies in adult or higher education an asset
  • A minimum of three years relevant professional experience required;
  • Experience in teaching and curriculum development at the post-secondary level or equivalent experience as a trainer in business or industry preferred;
  • Strong network of contacts with other professionals, organizations and employers;
  • Excellent communications and interpersonal skills;
  • Demonstrable ability to convey the conceptual and applied aspects of knowledge to a broad range of students;
  • Committed to excellence in teaching and learning and to working within a team environment
  • Strong leadership skills
  • Expertise in creating learner-centred environments where students can reach their full potential
  • Ability to collaborate on a variety of initiatives such as new program development, applied research and alternative delivery strategies