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2018/2019 FPSC Level 1® Certification Renewal

Sometimes life gets so busy we can forget to do even the really important things.


Your 2017/2018 FPSC Level 1® certification expired on July 31, 2018

If you haven't already done so, visit your FPSC Portal to renew your certification now.

Renewals received after July 31, 2018 will be subject to late fees. We encourage you to complete the renewal application to ensure you continue to experience the benefits of FPSC Level 1 certification:

  1. Your profile will continue to be featured on FPSC's “Find a Planner or Certificant” tool, accessed nearly 225,000 times last year by Canadians seeking a financial planning professional and heavily promoted through FPSC’s consumer website and additional promotional campaigns.
  2. You can continue to use the FPSC Level 1 certificant logo on your business cards, your e‑signature or any other marketing materials you produce.
  3. FPSC Level 1 certification is an important milestone on the path to CFP® certification, and must be renewed annually until you become a CFP professional.

As an FPSC Level 1 certificant, you have achieved a distinctive certification demonstrating an important level of technical competence and commitment to the highest ethical standards of responsibility. Your certification provides assurance to Canadians that the design of their financial future rests with an appropriately qualified professional who will put clients’ interests ahead of their own. This not only enhances your value in the eyes of your clients but helps to elevate and differentiate the financial planning profession as a whole. Further, the financial services industry recognizes this type of certification as a meaningful milestone on the path to the CFP designation.

You worked hard to earn your certification. Don't let it expire.


Maintaining Your Certification

Annual requirements for FPSC Level 1 certification include:

Reinstating Your Lapsed or Cancelled Certification

If you are a former FPSC Level 1 certificant, you are permitted to reinstate within five years of your last certification expiration date, subject to the following reinstatement policies:

You must: 

Continuing Education Requirements

  • CE supporting documentation for all CE activities required to reinstate your certification.
  • You will be requested to log in to your FPSC Portal, and report your CE through “View/Update CE”.

Reinstatement Process Timelines

  • Your application will be reviewed once you have reported your CE, submitted supporting CE documentation for review and submitted the reinstatement fee.
  • The application process generally takes 5-10 business days from the date you have submitted all required items.
To begin the reinstatement process, please send a written request to attaching the FPSC Level 1 Certification Reinstatement Application.