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Fellow of FPSC™ Distinction

Fellow of FPSC™ Distinction

Created in 2011, the Fellow of FPSC distinction formally recognizes individuals who have helped advance FPSC's purpose, advance CFP® professional standards, and who have embodied these standards.

Examples of contributions from this group of Fellow of FPSC recipients include:

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  • Long-standing and exemplary service through volunteerism that advances FPSC's purpose to drive value and instill confidence in financial planning
  • Promotion of financial planning and Certified Financial Planner® certification as the profession of choice to the next generation
  • Significant involvement in FPSC’s examinations development process
  • Direct or broad support of the CFP designation within the financial planning industry
  • Involvement in development of practice standards
  • Extensive promotion of financial planning and CFP certification to Canadians on a grassroots level
The Recognition and Awards Committee applies strict criteria and a stringent process for evaluating nominees for this distinction. As a result, the Fellow of FPSC distinction may not be awarded every year. 

Read about the 2018 recipients:

  • Aurèle Courcelles
  • Professor Kwok Sum Ho
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