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Your CFP certification will expire on March 31, 2019. Access the 2019/2020 CFP Certification Renewal Form on your Portal today. 



Maintaining Your CFP Certification

Annual requirements for CFP certification include:


Reinstating Your Lapsed or Cancelled Certification

If you are a former CFP professional, you are permitted to reinstate within five years of your last CFP certification expiration date, subject to the following reinstatement policies:

You must: 

Continuing Education Requirements

  • CE supporting documentation for all CE activities required to reinstate your certification
  • You will be requested to log in to your FPSC Portal, and report your CE through “View/Update CE”.

Reinstatement Processing Timelines

  • Your application will be reviewed once you have reported your CE, submitted supporting CE documentation for review and submitted the reinstatement fee.
  • The application process generally takes 5-10 business days from the date you have submitted all required items.

To begin the reinstatement process, please send a written request to attaching the CFP Certification Reinstatement Application 2019/2020.

Frequently Asked Questions about 2019/2020 Renewal